Dorene J. Stamper

​​About the Author

​​​Ms. Stamper started her writing career when selling her first story to Pony Record, a magazine devoted to ponies, at the age of seventeen. Throughout her life she has written for numerous periodicals, news publications, and a Staff Writer on Southern Oregon News.

A very religious lady, Ms. Stamper has held several church callings that have required the use of her abilities in creative writing. Her motos are: ‘Success can be accomplished by anyone, once they start to believe in themselves’, and ‘You must believe before you can succeed’.

Retired from news reporting, she now has the time needed to write for not only adults, but for young readers as well. Her writing talents captivates readers as they learn about American history, and the practice of good moral values. Readers of her novels and short stories feel as if they were actually witnessing the events within the adventure. Her easy reading style breathes life into the characters as they experiencing action, tears of joy and sorrow, and accomplishment. They learn that disappointment does not always mean failure, and to keep trying until they win the prize and triumph.

Ms. Stamper is the mother of five, and grandmother of twelve, and great-grandmother of two. Family is very important to her, and each month she creates a family newsletter to keep her family close.