Birth of a Nation

​​​Jeanetta Lynn Parker and the Birth of a Nation combines both
​American historical facts and fiction with fantasy, in a way that makes
​time travel almost believable. The main characters, Jeanetta Lynn Parker,
​her cousin Serenity Stewart, and through the help of their Auntie, they are
​introduced to the Society of Time Travelers. Members of the society are
​sent to different eras to accomplish missions, but are never allowed to
​change the course of history. The girls must face the cold, hard facts that
​people died and whole families lost their lives to bring about America's
​freedom. They saw firsthand how this affected those left behind to carry
​on the fight.

​​Before they set out on their mission, Jeanetta Lynn strongly opposed all
​acts of war, feeling that things would work out on their own. However,
​once enduring life in 1773, she realizes that at times one must be willing
​to fight for what they believe in.

​​​Within the chapters readers will come to know and love these characters,
​and soon become a part of their lives as they journey from their hometown
​of Sweetshire, Pennsylvania in 1867, back in time to Boston, Massachusetts 
​of 1773



                                                     Chapters and Content:

Chapter One:         The Gift
In this chapter Jeanetta Lynn greets Serenity upon her return home from visiting their Auntie. To the astonishment of both girls, Auntie had sent with Serenity a gift capable of unusual powers.

Chapter Two:       The Drive to Auntie's
Jeanetta Lynn and Serenity head out for Auntie's home. . . . only to run headlong into trouble.

Chapter Three:     First Assignment    
   Jeanetta Lynn, Serenity and Auntie find themselves in 1773 Boston. They are in time to witness The Boston Tea Party, along with meeting the Wright family. 

Music by Dan Doshier    CD:  Songs From The Heart      Song:  Ruby Has Eyes That Sparkle
Jeanetta Lynn Parker
     The Birth of a Nation
   Chapters and Content