Jeanetta Lynn Parker 
Birth of America


Battle of Bunker Hill

In 2009 this is what Joyce Gilmour had to say regarding the manuscript (book) she proofed of Jeanetta Lynn Parker in Birth of America.

​​​Dorene Stamper has written a fine book for middle schoolers and beyond.

​​     Jeanetta Lynn Parker in Birth of America is a great work of historical fiction combined with fantasy that makes the time travel almost believable. If you are familiar with the Magic Tree House Series, this book takes that concept and really bumps it up for readers beyond the elementary grades and those that enjoy learning about history through other channels than history books. This book will be enjoyed by teens through adults. 

     The content is not all fluff by any means. This book deals with the reality of what it took for a nation to be born, and readers must face the cold, hard facts that people died and whole families lost their lives, and read how this affected those left behind to continue the fight for our nation. Ms. Stamper does a great job of tying in the fantasy of the time travel and making the connections happen between different historical time periods.

     Readers will fall in love with the main character, Jeanetta Lynn Parker, her cousin Serenity Stewart, and their wonderful “Auntie” who introduces them to the Society of Time Travelers. The society members find that when asked to travel back in time, a mission will be given to them, and they must do what they can to accomplish the mission, but are not allowed to do anything that would change the course of history.

     Ms. Stamper, through her series of Jeanetta Lynn Parker, is on a mission of her own, and that is to introduce a generation of readers to the very important history of the United States of America in a fun and exciting way. Ms. Stamper has been writing for many years, but in this her first book, the reader will find himself/herself asking for more and more books to appear in the series.