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Off The Wall Band/Dandelion Jo

We will provide Music for your Events.  Be it Folk, Americana,
Bluegrass or Country, we can do it all.

Contact Dan Doshier at:
237 E. Pine Street, Central Point, OR. 97502
1-541-665-0123 or 541-292-0014

Song:  Ruby has Eyes That Sparkle                                                        

Jason M. Hall

                   Marketing Campaign Director.

                              To contact Jason M. Hall and learn more regarding
                               his company  click on photo

Johnathan D. Hall

                   Graphic Designing.

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      David M. Giordano

                     Supplier of Historical Facts




Do you have a manuscript, brochure, poster, story, magazine article, website, or any other writing that is going to be published? Do you need another pair of eyes to critique your work?

The services that I provide are to assist you to get your project to perfection before it goes to publication. Please take a look at my reference letters to see what authors are saying about my technical literary critique.

Copy Editor Joyce Gilmour (a.k.a. Hawkeyes)
 Introduction of Joyce Gilmour

     When I met Joyce in 2009, she was already a professional proofreader.
At the time she was also volunteering her services to doing book reviewes for the Military Writers Society of America. She is an accomplished proofreader and is the ONLY person I’ll allow to proof my work. She’s tops, and very understanding. Give her a try, and please tell her that you heard of her through this website.
                                                                                                           Dorene J. Stamper​
Click on the Hawk to contact Joyce personally.​

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