My name is Jeanetta Lynn Parker.

I'm a thirteen-year-old resident of a very small town in Pennsylvania called Sweetshire.  We never knew just how tiny it was until Father brought home a map from Parker Mercantile, our family store. It was an unexpected surprise when Sweetshire was nowhere to be found.  When Mother saw this, she declared that it must have been blown clear off the map by the Civil War. This war had raged about us, and only ended a couple of years ago.

Now and again soldiers from both sides still walk through the main street of town as they head back to who-knows-where. Many times they'll stop at the mercantile and tell Father stories of battle.  Father will see to their needs and give them aid before they continue on their way.

Sometimes Father will return home filled with the stories he had heard that day and recite them to us at the supper table.  Many of them are filled with sorrow and anguish, but some are of such heroism that I would love to have been by Father's side while the soldiers told of their war life and adventures.

Adventure. What a wonderful word.  That's exactly what Serenity Stewart, my twelve-year-old cousin and best friend, and I wanted to experience.  We often feared that, unless something incredible took place, we would become ol' school marms stuck here in Sweetshire forever.  But, to our delight and astonishment, Aunt Vernetta Hunnicutt dramatically transformed our lives when she gave us a mysterious gift that contained magical powers.     

Venture with Jeanetta Lynn, Serenity and Auntie into the year of 1773. Back during the American Revolution when daily life was filled with challenges, stress, discontent, patriotism, sadness, and joy. For two teenagers from the future, and being caught up in this turmoil, it opened their eyes to what freedom truly meant. Freedom is not to be taken lightly, but cherished by all.

"Please be my guest and enjoy the first few chapters of Jeanetta Lynn Parker and the Birth of a Nation."   D.J. Stamper

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