Jeanetta Lynn Parker


                                                                   e-book Novel

             Jeanetta Lynn Parker in The Birth of a Nation

                                                    by Dorene J. Stamper

I’m a thirteen-year-old resident of a very small town in Pennsylvania called Sweetshire. We never knew just how tiny it was until Father brought home a map from Parker Mercantile, our family store. It was an unexpected surprise when Sweetshire was nowhere to be found. When Mother saw this, she declared that it must have been blown clear off the map by the Civil War. This war had raged about us, and only ended a years ago.

Now and again soldiers from both sides walked through the main street of town as they head on their way. At times they would stop in at the mercantile, and tell Father of the battles they had been in, won or lost. Most were filled with emotions of sorrow and anguish that only war can bring about. But now and then they would tell of heroism that they either had witnessed or had taken part in, and how good it felt.

      My name is Jeanetta Lynn Parker

This is my story, and how I learnt that at times we all must fight for what's                                           right, regardless of the mounting odds. 

While listening to them Father would see to their needs, such as filling up their sacks with food and supplies. However, there is the occasional request to send a post to let their families know they are well, and on the path leading home. Then other’s only desire was a listening ear before continuing on their way.

For a while I had wished to have been by Father’s side as the soldiers told of their life and adventures. But now I see there was a good reason that I was not there. For would I have kept quiet, and not scold them for having fought in the first place? Or let them know of my own feelings regarding war? I doubt it. For this is a lesson I had to learn for myself with the help of Auntie. Thankfully I didn’t have to do it alone, for my dear cousin, Serenity Stewart, was on the adventure with me. In time we learned about our United States of America, and what it took to bring her about.

March 15, 2018

It has been brought to my attention there are some paperback copies of Jeanetta Lynn Parker in Birth of a Nation being sold online. These copies were printed back in 2009, but were filled with so many errors from both the proofreader and the printing company, that it was decided instead of tossing them into the fire, we would allow them to be given out to those attending a Stamper Family Reunion. Because of the errors, they were NEVER intended to be sold by anyone. That was our agreement. However, there are those who feel it's their right to do as they please without ever considering the trust we had placed upon them. Please, do not buy these copies. All you will be doing is adding an income to their dishonesty. The story has been improved since that printing, and when it is ready for purchase, it will be in an e-Book form.  

  Thank you,  Dorene J. Stamper