Jeanetta Lynn Parker


                                                                   e-book Novel

             Jeanetta Lynn Parker in The Birth of a Nation

                                                    by D. J. Stamper


I received good news today.

When it comes to printing hard copy books, that's a no brainer; as long as you are sure of the company doing the printing. If not then there is a lot that can go wrong. I know that first hand when my brother did a softcover printing of JLP back in 2009. There are so many error holes in it, both in proofreading and printing, that you could use it to strain pasta.

I'm blessed to have my friend, Joyce M. Gilmour, who is a top notch, professional proofreader, making sure all is well with the JLP text. You can read about her on this website under '1776', and hyperlinked to 'Editor Gilmour'. That's how impressed I am with her ability.  The book will now be in an e-book format. There will be hard copies available for anyone who desires to order one.

Here is the good news. I'm unfamiliar with the use of e-book templates, and to publish online there are rules you must follow. Up until now I've owned this template, only I didn't know how to use it. Today I was shown how. This is one step closer to having it ready for the public. Once it is ready, I will provide you with the required information on where JLP and my short stories can be purchased.

Thank you for your loyalty, and friendship.

Dorene J. Stamper