Jeanetta Lynn Parker


                                                                   e-book Novel

             Jeanetta Lynn Parker in The Birth of a Nation

                                                    by D. J. Stamper

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Bluebird On A Limb: 

Here is where I can have fun in many ways. I can not only thank those who have contributed to my website information, but also dress them up as if they were in the Revolutionary or Civil War times. Which proves that you don’t have to be born in an era to look like it.

                     I want to thank

            Joyce Gilmour 

I  never could have made it this far if it were not for Joyce. She’s one of my best friends, and loyal to a fault. When I submitted my first efforts of  Jeametta Lynn Parker to a company, they assigned her to read it over. Bless her heart, even with all the errors she knew there was something of value in the story. She has been my friend and mentor for all these years. “Joyce, I love you!”

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