Jeanetta Lynn Parker


                                                                   e-book Novel

             Jeanetta Lynn Parker in The Birth of a Nation

                                                    by Dorene J. Stamper

Jeanette Lynn Parker

The Birth of a Nation

Jeanetta Lynn Parker in the Birth of a Nation combines historical facts with fiction and fantasy. All in a way that makes traveling through time seem almost believable. So get ready for an adventure that will transport you back in time to the American Revolution.

Jeanetta Lynn, and her cousin Serenity Stewart, are introduced to the Society of Time Travelers by their Auntie. Who has been active in the society for hundreds of years. Family members shy away from asking how old she is, mostly because no one is sure about what the answer might be. All they know is that she's always been there, will show up out of the blue, and knows everything about the past. Saying Auntie is a little odd is an understatement. However, she's so loved by the girls that none of this even matters. It's no mystery that Auntie will do everything in her power to help her nieces on their journey. It is her mission to keep them safe as they learn how to survive the American Revolution. 

Through the society, and with Auntie’s help, the girls learn about America’s amazing and difficult past. At the beginning Jeanetta Lynn strongly opposed all acts of war, feeling that things would work out on their own if left alone. However, once enduring life in 1773, she realized that at times one must be willing to fight for what they believe in.





                                                                                  Chapters and Content:

Chapter One:   The Gift
In this chapter Jeanetta Lynn greets Serenity after visiting their Auntie. To the astonishment of both girls, Auntie had sent with Serenity a gift capable of unusual powers.

Chapter Two:  The Drive to Auntie's
Jeanetta Lynn and Serenity head out for Auntie's home. . . . only to run headlong into trouble.

Chapter Three:  First Assignment
Jeanetta Lynn, Serenity and Auntie find themselves in 1773 Boston. They are in time to witness The Boston Tea Party, along with meeting the Wright family.

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