Jeanetta Lynn Parker


                                                                   e-book Novel

             Jeanetta Lynn Parker in The Birth of a Nation

                                                    by D. J. Stamper

Our Nation Begins 1776

 Music by Dan Doshier, CD Title: Songs From The Heart.

This  Song is titled:   Bluebird On A Limb: 

It was about 5: a.m., on April 18, 1775, when 700 British troops were on a mission to capture Patriot leaders, along with seizure of their arsenal. When marching into Lexington they found 77 armed minutemen, under command of Captain John Parker, waiting for them on the town’s common green. Gravely outnumbered, British Major John Pitcairn ordered the Patriots to disperse. Though wanting to fight, they hesitantly drifted off the green. When suddenly a shot was fired from an undetermined direction. Soon a cloud of musket smoke covered the green leading into a brief battle. It was a shot that was heard around the world, and the brief Battle of Lexington ended with 8 Americans lay dead or dying, and ten more were wounded. Only a single British soldier was injured. With this event the American Revolution had begun.

The Constitution of the United States

Letter from Thomas Jefferson to John Cartwright written in 1842, speaking of the Constitution.

Photos of the Constitution of the United States

Printed version of the Constitution


The Olive Branch

The Olive Branch Petition was a final attempt at reconciliation

with British King George III.

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Founding Fathers 

Meet the Framers of the Constitution

Bill of Rights

This was The Laws of the United States, printed by Richard Folwell, Philadelphia, 1796

12 Amendments

The original twelve Amendments to the United States Constitution

Old Glory

American Flag Etiquette

Betsy Ross & our Flag

The life of Betsy Ross

The Star Spangled Banner

The story behind song, and why we love and respect it.

Meet Copy Editor Joyce Gilmour (a.k.a. Hawkeyes)

State Preambles

All 50 States

Thomas Jefferson